Turkey Spaghetti and Cranberry Sauce

Joe’s family headed back home to Minnesota this morning and Joe and I had nothing pressing to do really so we ended up sleeping in a bit and then we read and watched T.V. for awhile, had leftovers for lunch and then I fell asleep while Joe started setting up his small lathe and getting it all cleaned and nice to use.  He has had this lathe for awhile but hasn’t had a chance to use it yet.

For supper I decided to try making spaghetti noodles and breadsticks and then I added onions, basil and a bit of turkey broth (that we made from our turkey carcass) to the sauce although the actual sauce was Prego brand not homemade and then we had some leftover turkey and bacon on top of our pasta and some of Joe’s cranberry sauce on the side.

Pasta is actually pretty easy to make, I was surprised.  All it takes is 2 cups of flour, three large eggs and 1/2 tsp salt.  Easy! In my case I used four of our eggs…two larger ones and two smaller ones.  Unusually, one of the small ones had two small yolks in it so we got a bit of a bonus in our pasta.  Maybe that is good luck.

We don’t have a pasta roller machine so I just rolled out my dough, very thinly, by hand and then I folded it up to cut it.  I tried to get it uniform in size but it wasn’t all that perfect…not like a machine would make it anyways!

Unfolded they were the length of spaghetti although maybe more like linguine because they were thicker.

For never having made pasta before it turned out pretty good.  My breadsticks were only alright… I didn’t realize we didn’t have garlic powder so they were plain breadsticks and they came out a bit large… more like hot dog buns.  But, at least they baked and turned out bread-like! You can see Joe’s cranberry sauce here too, I didn’t get a good picture of it on Thanksgiving… he made it with cranberry and persimmon and a bit of orange too and it came out very pretty!


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