Wednesday Morning

Happy Birthday to my mom today!

This morning I’m up extra early and while I didn’t get a chance to go running, I’ve already folded two loads of laundry, cleaned out the bedding in the chicken coop and filled food/waters, cleaned out rabbit cages, and done all the bird/dog/cat chores.  I’ve got my coffee and oatmeal now to eat breakfast real quick and then I’ve got to put the laundry away and shower quick for work.  The news this morning is talking about how some people are mad about Black Friday beginning on Thanksgiving night and I agree.  How rotten to take away Thanksgiving from some workers just because retailers are greedy!  Thankfully I have tomorrow and Christmas Day off but in the past couple of years my own job has decided to open on the Fourth of July, Easter and New Years Day and I’m sure within a couple of more years we’ll be open on Thanksgiving and Christmas too, although I will not be working, those are days that (along with the 4th of July I think as well) should be family days with the exception of emergency personnel and care giving type jobs such as firemen, police men, nurses, care givers for elderly or special needs homes and emergency room staff… those people have thankless jobs and they are needed year round no matter what the day and hopefully they can trade or rotate etc. to get some time off with their families as well and know that their jobs are so important that even though they need to work they are saving lives.  Otherwise I think people should be out of luck on the major holidays… didn’t get a pie for Thanksgiving ahead of time? Unfortunate.  Forgot gravy? Oh well.  Didn’t buy presents, tape, wrapping paper, ham until Christmas morning? Out of luck!  People would learn to plan ahead or do without.  Some of our stores aren’t open on Sunday here and we’ve learned to plan ahead for projects etc. it would be the same thing with all stores on holidays.   Except that some customers want everything right this second and most retailers are happy to oblige… Oh well.  I think I might be in the minority for thinking all this but I’m sticking to it and I will not be shopping in stores on Thursday myself.

Oatmeal with brown sugar, milk and flax seed for breakfast.  One of my common breakfasts, with my coffee of course!

Cora about to go do something sneaky 🙂 You should see our house…there are toys sprawled everywhere.  I stepped on a bone this morning when I got my coffee (which hurts!) and a squeaky fish when I went to get the laundry.  You never know where or when you’ll find them!


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