Plasticing the Windows

I finally got around to putting plastic up in our sunroom.  Our first winter we closed the door and didn’t go in that room at all until it warmed up again but now the dogs love sleeping in there and looking out the windows so we usually put up plastic to keep it warmer. Last year I put up plastic and it was such a pain to get up and then it ripped off all of my paint when I took it down and I am pretty sure I vowed to never put up plastic ever again.  Then of course, a couple of months ago I painted the room so now there is fresh paint that I really don’t want to rip off too.  I was planning on making wooden screens with plastic in them to just put into the window openings but that didn’t happen so I finally just stuck some plastic up there… and I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t rip off my paint next spring!

Cora eating a tennis ball 🙂

Both dogs just love this room so I can’t take it away from them for an entire winter!  Especially Buddy who doesn’t have many winters left… thats a long time to go without your favourite spot!


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