Rabbit Enrichment – Egg Carton Trays

It’s been awhile since our rabbits have had anything extraordinary… lately it has been their usual bunny food, hay, carrots, apples etc.  so I decided it was time to do something different again so they would have something to interest them and make their day a little bit better.

I have been thinking about getting them little mirrors like our finches have but I’m not sure if they would like that or not…. it would be interesting to see if they recognized themselves.  They have seen mirrors before because they used to play in our closet and there was a big mirror in there they could walk past but I don’t know if they cared about it much.  In the meantime, since I couldn’t find any bird mirrors at Wal-Mart, I decided to make them little egg carton trays with some different items in the holes for them to nibble on.

I looked for little balls they could roll around but all I could find were those cat toys with the holes in them and I was worried about the rabbits getting their teeth stuck so I didn’t get them toys this time… I’ll keep looking for those.  So these trays were mostly about food and different things for the rabbits to taste.  They had tortilla chips, bird seed, cardboard strips, honey/oatmeal granola bar, dried rainbow chard and yogurt treats.  Most of this stuff they have had before but it is rare so I thought they might like it for a change.  I tried to give them different textures/tastes for them to explore.  Plus, they can nibble on the egg carton which they have never had before either.

This bunny went for his granola bar first he is the pig of the two of them and is always asking for treats.

This guy went for his chard first, you can’t see it but there is a piece in his mouth that he is working on.


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