Cleaning with help

This weekend I traveled home to visit my parents to do some sorting of my old things and a little bit of shopping.  We ended up taking a load of stuff to Goodwill, a load of stuff to the dump and then my car came home here with a bunch of boxes too!  Joe was left here by himself with all of the animals, I didn’t even take Buddy with me this time so my parent’s cats decided to let me near them  🙂 Usually Buddy is there, and although he is totally harmless, they think he is scary so they tend to hide more when he is around…so this time they were out and about and they let me pet them and they helped me while I was cleaning!

This guy is Seamus and he was helping with the boxes.  Devlin, who is grey, was also around but I didn’t capture him in a picture… maybe over Christmas!


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