Coq Au Vin

Today was the day we ate our rooster.  He thawed for the afternoon and then I made this recipe with him for supper.

First I cooked up a bunch of bacon and then browned the chicken pieces in the bacon grease.  Then the carrots, onion and garlic were also sauteed in grease, the mushrooms were sauteed in butter… I know, this is the healthiest recipe ever! Once everything was browned/cooked a bit it got layered in a baking pan and I made a sauce with red wine and some of the little browned bits of bacon left in the pan after I drained it.  The sauce got poured over everything and it was baked for a couple of hours until the chicken was tender…. I think ours could have used a little bit more time in the oven but it wasn’t too bad.

Served with spaghetti noodles.


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