Painted Porch

Back in September I decided to start painting our front porch.  It had gotten some water damage a couple of winters ago when we had an ice dam on the roof and the water backed up into the house.  The old paint was also a bit scratched up and dirty and old so the whole room needed some help.  We did put up that coat rack after we moved in but then we didn’t use it much because we come in the back door most often and the front porch isn’t very welcoming.  Now that we got our nice new screen door and we can leave it open more often I figured I would paint the room and make it nicer.  Joe said he would help me make some cubby shelves on one wall too at some point.

The old colour with the water damage in the corner of the ceiling and wall.

The finished colour now.  It is still an off-white colour with white trim but everything got a fresh coat and the ceiling got scraped and repainted…it isn’t perfect but it looks a lot better.  The cat carriers are stored behind the door on the left and then the cubby holes I want will go on the far wall next to the bench, but a little bit higher so the bench can still open.  I love that we have three different benches in the house that open and we can put things in!  This bench has extra floor tiles for the kitchen and some paint and light bulbs in it right now.  Eventually I will hang some pictures too but it took me 2 months to finish painting the smallest room ever, so it will probably be another month before I hang any decorations!


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