Goodbye Big Rooster

Today was the day for our big rooster friend.  I was at work but Joe took him outside and very humanely and nicely took care of him!  I was kinda sad but to be fair he wasn’t even living the best life because he was in a cage and couldn’t come out much because he was so mean to the other chickens.  So while he was getting all the food and water and treats he could eat, he still wasn’t that happy not being able to scratch at the ground and move around very far.  So, it was probably best we eat him over us keeping him unhappily for the rest of his life – which could have been many years.

So now he is in our freezer waiting for us to cook him up.  I did tell him Thank you this morning and so did Joe.  Talk about knowing where our food comes from!  I can’t imagine families who take care of their own deer, poultry, cows, pigs etc. but I guess if you grow up doing it, it isn’t anything new and you’re just fine with it.  Both of us grew up with meat coming from the store so eating our own is a lot different.


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