Happy Birthday Blog!

Today my blog is officially 3 years old.  My first post three years ago was a nice charming one about Buddy eating from the litter box which I am sure everyone wanted to hear about!  Last year I posted our professional wedding photos for everyone to see, and for my blog’s one year birthday I recapped the whole first year with links.

This year will mark my 1,101 post and I have had almost 20,000 visitors over the past three years.  Most of them probably Joe or our families, but some are from other readers too.

Besides specifically searching for maddie365 searched for ground beef, walmart ground beef, tube of ground beef etc. are the most common things that bring people to my site! Of all things! I’m telling you..Wal-Mart ground beef is perfectly fine 🙂 Unless you have the option of buying local ground beef that was humanely raised and you can see where it comes from.. that would be better, I wish for that but haven’t found or had the opportunity yet. I think it might be over our price range to do that regularly too!  Other common searches include “soap nuts”, “snow roller”, and “1920’s record player”.  I also get a lot from “rabbit enrichment” – which I haven’t done in awhile and should soon, and “dead leaf moth.” from the post I did when there was a gigantic moth on our door one day.

All in all a good three years, even if I don’t always post quite as regularly as I should!


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