Our New House Plants

I killed two house plants over the summer, and let our baby chicks eat two more house plants… so basically I was the cause of death for 4 different potted plants in the past few months.  I almost killed our two Christmas cactus too but I found them before they were too far gone and they have come back wonderfully with a bit of water!  Luckily for our anniversary Joe’s family gave us two kits for plants which are now growing beautifully on our kitchen window ledge!

This guy is getting nice wide leaves.  I can’t remember what it is, a geranium maybe? I should have written down the names when I transplanted them into other pots, but I thought I would remember… I will find out anyways if it makes flowers…so far it is looking pretty, green and healthy which is all I can ask for!

This one I’m pretty sure is a Sweet Pea and it has cute little vines growing all over the place.  I’m not sure how big it will get but I may need to find it a hanging basket or something if it starts to droop onto the counter too far!

Now that we have 4 plants again, I still have two pots to fill up yet for 6 total, I actually put ‘water plants’ into my planner pages every Monday so I remember to check on them regularly and see if they need anything!  Otherwise it is hit or miss if I remember to water them before they look limp.  Hopefully this helps keep them all happy!


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