Recovering Pinga

Pinga had her surgery on Thursday and she is recovering nicely.  She was understandably upset when we brought her home… they took out 7 of her teeth, she was still a bit groggy, and because her mouth was so inflamed they couldn’t even suture her up so her mouth was bleeding a little and she was drooling.  When we got home I put her up in her normal spot but she immediately jumped down and ran into our closet… so that is where I left her and we added food, water and a litter box for her and we shut the door so no one else could bother her.  She didn’t even want to see Ocean yet, and she adores Ocean, and for the first few hours she was home she even grumbled at Joe and I.

After awhile she did eat some soft food and I gave her some whole milk which she loves (no it doesn’t make her ill!) and she let me pet her while she purred and snuggled in a pile of Joe’s socks.  We kept her alone for about 24 hours to relax and get used to her mouth and then this evening after work I put Ocean in the room with her for a bit to keep her company.  I think they were happy to see each other and they ate supper together and Pinga walked around a bit with Ocean.  Her mouth is still pretty swollen but she seems to be feeling a little bit better so before bed tonight I opened the door and let Ocean out and Pinga came home for a little bit too to sit on her normal perch but she eventually ended up heading back to the closet for the night.

She looks kinda crazed in this picture because her eyes reflected my camera light but she really isn’t…she is becoming much more comfortable and she is being snuggly and I think she will recover well! She is sitting behind my socks in a protected corner with more wet food and milk.  What more could a kitty ask for? (Besides all of her teeth and for her immune system to not attack her own mouth of course)


3 thoughts on “Recovering Pinga

    • We got her from the Humane Society and that is the name they gave her there… we don’t know what her original name is but we usually keep names when animals come to us. Buddy, Ocean, Pinga, Chloe and Ginger (one of the finches) all came to us with their names attached and we kept them! All of our animals came to us from the shelter or through other people who couldn’t keep them anymore except for our male finch, Cora and the chickens…those guys we went out and got ourselves!

      When Pinga came home to us she already had this huge sore on her mouth and when we took her to the vet they put her on steroids and an antibiotic to get rid of it, except that it took forever to go away.. months on medications. We finally got it to mostly go away once for about a month and then it came back stronger than ever. We tried allergy medicine and other combinations of drugs but nothing else helped and it never went down, it only got worse and worse. So when we switched vets we tried a steroid shot which we hadn’t tried yet with our old vet but the shot only makes her feel better for 2-3 weeks at a time, and doesn’t reduce the inflammation all that much, and the vet finally said that often the only way to solve this problem with these cats is to remove the teeth where the worst inflammation is. All along her gums on the right side it was so puffy and red and the vet said if the steroids worked for a few months at a time it would be an option but with it only working for a couple of weeks our best bet was to remove the teeth in the worst spots. I guess her immune system was attacking herself. I think it is feline stomatitis or something like that. So out came 7 of her teeth and they said her mouth was in terrible condition with roots showing and everything, so it was good we did it (I hope!). She seems happy and she is eating all of her normal food along with extra soft food because I’ve been spoiling her and the vet promised that most cats do so much better and are so much happier after they have this done (I didn’t really want to do it if we could help it, but Joe and the vet wanted to try it so we did it!).

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