My Fixed Vacuum!

So our vacuum was a gift from my family a few years ago, before we moved and when we only had Ocean, Buddy and a hermit crab to care for.  It replaced my very old, small dorm room vacuum that didn’t work very well but I was still trying to use.  This new one was so nice and it worked so good and I thought that just the two animals had so much hair to pick up and the vacuum was amazing!  Then we moved and got another dog, two more cats, two rabbits, and two messy birds and our vacuum had a million times the work to do and still kept going amazing.  It sucked up hair and bird seed, hay and dirt that we brought inside from the chicken coop.  Until a month or two ago…the vacuum decided it needed a break and only started to work about half the time.  Sometimes it would turn off and on while I was vacuuming and then eventually it would die so that I couldn’t use it.  Joe tried to fix it for me twice but both times he tried it turned on fine so there was nothing he could do. 

Finally, about two days ago it died and when he came home from work I showed him that it was dead so he could take a look at it.  We knew it was probably something with the cord because I have caught Cora nibbling it before and I’m sure the rabbits have taken swipes at it too and sometimes when I vacuumed I could hold the cord ‘just so’ and it would keep going…. so Joe started with the end of the cord and worked his way down towards the plug.  Somewhere in the middle he found the spot that was  damaged, it took him maybe 5 minutes total, and he put a mark on the cord to show him where the spot was.  Yesterday then he took the vacuum to work with him and using some of his tools there he removed the bad spot and fixed it… he does electrical stuff all the time at work so it was super easy for him… and now I have a perfect vacuum again! I was sure we would have to get a new one, after a few years of beating it up the vacuum has done a lot and served us well… but now, with the cord fixed it works as great as ever and will hopefully last us a long time yet!

So now I can clean up the messes that this girl makes on a regular basis without worrying about the vacuum 🙂



2 thoughts on “My Fixed Vacuum!

    • No it is a Bissell pet hair vacuum! It works really well and I’ve been beating it up for years now getting it stuck with hay or rocks or who knows what. If I can suck it up with the vacuum I do. And it usually takes it although I have learned that too much hay will clog it and then it takes me awhile to fix that…so just a little hay at one time is best 🙂

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