Kitchen Fun with Dry Ice

Last Christmas Joe’s family got us a special supper gift certificate for us to get lobster, crab cakes, lobster bisque and cheesecake for dessert and we finally decided to order it and have a fancy supper (we’re super excited to eat it and I will show pictures of it when we cook everything!).  They ship it very quickly and pack the order with dry ice so when it arrived Joe took the dry ice and had fun with it in the kitchen.  None of the animals cared much about except Cora who was totally fascinated and I thought it was pretty neat because I don’t think I’ve ever seen dry ice up close like that before…

Cora kept trying to eat the ‘smoke’ and she was so weirded out when it was flowing all over the floor.  Buddy, Ocean and Chloe also got to see it but they didn’t care much.  Buddy was oblivious, Ocean sniffed it once and took a bath, Chloe ran into the other room… and Pinga was upstairs recovering from her surgery so she didn’t know what was going on.  So mostly it was fun for Cora!


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Fun with Dry Ice

    • She loved it! She is so curious about everything and she does get bored easily… she has eaten two books in the past couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure one of them she pulled off a book shelf to eat too because we don’t know where she even got it from! I think that’s why she loves to sit in the sun room and watch the chickens – they are always doing something different and moving around so she can be entertained. This morning she can see Joe from the sun room too – he is outside working on the horse fence before it snows and she is glued to the window watching!

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