20 pounds and on a Diet.

Chloe went to the vet for the first time today.  We have had her almost exactly a year and we’re finally getting her all caught up on her shots, she hadn’t been to the vet for a few years before we got her either.  We should have taken her in right away but we were thinking of switching vets so we waited and now finally we did switch to a new vet and we’ve had appointments regularly for the past couple of months to catch everyone up and it was finally her turn to go! Last year when we first got her I weighed her with me on the scale and she came out to about 13 pounds.  Now she weighs almost 20 and in the past few months she has found it difficult to keep herself clean.  So she finally went in to get all of her booster shots and the vet put her on an official diet.  We knew she had gotten a lot larger here but she is over twice her ideal weight now! Apparently our cat who doesn’t like wet food, or people food… can’t remotely self-regulate herself with dry cat crunchy food!

Chloe hanging out while we were waiting for the vet to come in.

Chloe should ideally be around 10 pounds which is right around where our other two cats are.  So she is now on special, expensive, prescription only food.  It was either food or a future of health problems and we don’t want Chloe to have health problems… she will be much happier being a smaller more active cat! There is no food left out within her reach now.  I did leave a bowl of food upstairs where Ocean and Pinga sleep up high on top of my craft boxes, where Chloe can’t get to right now because she can’t jump that high so that for now those two can continue to self-feed.  There is no more food on top of the washer or in our dining room though and Chloe gets food twice a day and she can take it or leave it… but there won’t be more food until the next time if she leaves it.  Poor cat!


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