Ready for Halloween

I got out some cute bandanas for the dogs today.  Buddy was cool with his black and white one but Cora was pretty pissed about having to wear one with Halloween decorations on it.  She kept it on for about an hour and then figured out how to remove it.  At first she kept trying to grab it but then she seemed to start to ignore it so I thought she would be fine, but I think as soon as I left for work she decided it had to come off.  She just doesn’t like to dress up I guess.

Buddy being handsome and totally uncaring about what sort of thing I tied on him.  He is pretty good like that.  Although a few years ago when I dressed him up like a cow, he was pretty pissed at me too 🙂

Buddy in 2007.  I thought he was adorable.  He was very embarrassed.

He took refuge by Joe.

Joe was showing Buddy his cow tail.  Buddy was totally not impressed.  As soon as we went for a walk (yes I did try to make him go for a walk in his costume) he ripped off the hat and rolled in the dirt in the rest of the costume.  That was the first and last time I tried to make Buddy a Halloween costume.

I won’t even try to put this girl in a costume, it would be a fight and she would win!  The bandana was bad enough! Eventually she got it to face the front except she looked like a bank robber and I was laughing at her so she was even more mad at me.  It was only fastened by a tiny piece of velcro though so at least she didn’t have to wear it all day!


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