Just Hanging Out

Happy Birthday to my dad today!


Today was just another normal day around here, we didn’t do anything extra special or different and the only pictures  I took were of the cats on the dryer just hanging out.  We had leftovers for supper, finishing up the pork roast that I had cooked earlier in the week.

The dyer was on and Ocean loves when the dryer is on, its warm and the vibrating must soothe her or something and she will sleep there for awhile.  I was worried she would roll right off but I don’t think she did this time… she is known for rolling off things when she isn’t paying attention.  Kinda funny but pretty undignified for her too 🙂  Pinga just likes to be near Ocean, Ocean is her friend and she follows her and must feel better when she is around.  Hopefully Ocean lives a long time yet, she is our oldest cat and I’d feel bad if Pinga lost her best friend.

When the dryer stopped I turned it back on just for her to keep napping happily 🙂


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