When Cora Gets Bored

Cora is totally left out during the day now and she is usually pretty good except once in awhile something catches her eye and she can’t resist doing something she shouldn’t. Sometimes she is sneaky and does them when we’re home even and we don’t even hear her… usually if you can hear her you know she isn’t doing something too terrible… it’s when she is quiet and you wonder where she is that you’d better start to worry!

She had access to this book for a few days and didn’t touch it, and then one day she ate it.  It must have been nagging at her and she tried to resist and then just couldn’t do it… at least she only gnawed off the corners and then stopped so it is still readable!

As you can imagine I was pretty mad about this one.  I was having breakfast and she was ripping open the bag of trash that I had just closed because I had just cleaned out the rabbit cages. She just can’t resist rabbit bedding.  She loves rabbit food too, if I let her ‘help’ me clean the cages she spends some of the time trying to nose the rabbits and the other part of the time trying to shove her face in the food container to eat as much rabbit food as possible before I make her move.  Sometimes I lock her in the living room when I clean the rabbits, it is just easier!  This was a huge pain to clean up, for the second time since I had just finished the cages too.  She spread it everywhere.  I knew when she was quiet and not sitting by me begging for food that she had to be doing something bad!



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