An easy going Wednesday

Today was what I’m counting as a very low-key and relaxed but successful day.   I was off from work and my friend Eleanor didn’t want to go out so instead of getting up early I slept until 8 which is late for me.  I went to bed by like 9:30 last night too so I slept for a very long time!  Joe got home late last night after I was fast asleep and left to go back to work earlier than I did today too.  But  at least once I was up, I was up and ready to go so I…

  • Got everyone else up, fed, walked, waters/food changed and medicines given.  The chickens got their produce for breakfast today and it has been keeping them busy all day.
  • Took down Cora’s kennel and put it away (she hasn’t been in it for weeks now, time to save it for the next dog!)
  • Collected laundry and started that
  • Started making homemade yogurt (results won’t be in until 10:30 tonight, fingers crossed!)
  • Scrubbed the kitchen floor, laundry room floor and stairs, scrubbed as in..with a brush and everything!
  • Made tomatillo salsa
  • Had bean soup for breakfast, nachos for lunch and lots of coffee!
  • Finished a birthday gift for my dad because it is his birthday on Friday
  • Did a quick run on our treadmill because it is cold and off and on rainy outside and I didn’t want to go out in it to run.  Have I ever mentioned that Joe plans to run outside all winter?  I think he is nuts! But then I think of running more than a couple miles on the track or treadmill and think maybe he isn’t nuts… maybe if I just bundled up and ran like a big snowman I might be ok too (I’m guessing I won’t be outside running with Joe!).
  • Drove to town to mail my gift and pick up a few things from the store
  • Collected eggs, 14 of them! Our numbers are going up again thanks to the new layers
  • Had a pork sandwich and apple sauce for supper – Joe is in town again late with clients 🙂
  • Made homemade bread… this is try #3 in the past two weeks and it turned out reasonable this time.  I don’t like to follow directions exactly so my baking doesn’t always work well.  The first time I killed the yeast.  The second time it rose but I forgot about it for a really long time so when I went to bake it, it came out like a brick.   At least the chickens benefit from my mistakes!
  • Played about 80 million rounds of fetch with Cora, and screamed “No! We don’t eat cats!” at her another two million times today.  To be fair Cora was a really good dog most of the day, she helped me with laundry and  carried rocks around the house (she picks up rocks outside and sometimes brings them inside so now there are various rocks around the house).

Now most everything is done, half the laundry is put away… and, as Joe could tell you, it is rare that I do the laundry and put it away all in the same day! Usually it sits folded or in the dryer for a day, or two or more… before I take it back upstairs.  But I’m so good today and half the laundry is upstairs already.  The other half is still going, load 4 and 5 are in the washer and dryer and 6 and 7 are waiting on the side.   I decided to do all our clothes and bedding, rugs, towels and couch blankets today.. so there was a lot to do but it was mostly easy stuff to fold!  All I have left is to set the dishwasher going in a little bit and check on my yogurt at 10:30 to see how it turned out.  And of course wait for Joe to get home to see how his day was.  I think I can handle that!

Cora helping me with laundry.  Cora has become a princess and insists on sleeping in soft comfortable spots like the couch, our bed, the futon, on blankets etc.  I’m pretty sure she spent a good part of her day laying on the pile of blankets waiting to go into the washing machine!

Cora and Buddy both helping me.  Buddy likes to lay on the kitchen floor a lot… although he does like the futon upstairs as well but it is getting harder for him to get up onto it.  If I lay down a blanket or a bed for him he is just as likely to lay next to it on the floor, as he is on it … so I gave up trying to give him beds… he finds a soft spot if he wants but otherwise he is good to sleep anywhere just fine!


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