Quick Snippets of Today

Its 8:18pm now and I just got home from work and fed the animals and am sitting down for supper myself.  Joe has a super busy week again this week with clients in town so he hasn’t made it home yet this evening.  Earlier this morning I put a pork roast in the crock pot so supper is BBQ pork roast sandwiches and iceberg lettuce wedges with ranch and bacon bits.  Not the healthiest but it is easy anyways! And since Joe isn’t home yet we’ll probably have something similar tomorrow night (if he is home, or I will at least!) and I won’t cook tomorrow instead… which works out nice on my day off! Although usually days off are better days to cook bigger things… maybe I will try bread for the third time tomorrow and see if I can’t get it to work good! I’m also going to make yogurt in my crockpot tomorrow with some whole milk… hope that goes well! You’ll know if it does because I will post it soon and if it doesn’t work… you may never hear me mention it again 🙂

Today was a produce pick up day but since it is dark and almost chicken bedtime they won’t get produce until tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow will be a catch up day for me around here since my friend Eleanor has an appointment and doesn’t want to go out…we’ll see how much I do or don’t get done.  🙂  Yesterday after I posted our new brown egg I went out to find one more brown egg waiting for me…it had cute white speckles on it (that did not wash off so I assume it was part of the shell) but unfortunately tonight when I was getting it out to take a photo I dropped it…and Cora ate it, she and all.  We did get three more brown eggs today though so we have 5 new layers now!  The first egg was good sized but these next 4 have been smaller so we will keep them here at home for us to eat instead.

Cora cleans up spills pretty good.  Unfortunately she shreds any sort of paper or wood that she finds so the kitchen floor may be better but you should see the carpet upstairs…its a disaster! And my vacuum is currently out of commission! Some days I wish our whole house was tile and we had a built in hose system throughout so I could just hose stuff down, let it dry and call it good.  Between 3 long haired cats, two messy, hairy dogs, two rabbits with rabbit bedding and hay all over and two birds that fling birdseed…. carpet is just a bad idea.

Our three new brown eggs next to our normal white eggs.  9 eggs today from 70 chickens was pretty lame but the older girls are tired and the younger ones haven’t figured it out yet so we forgive them.  No blue eggs yet so the fat faced girls are really behind!

** in case anyone noticed, I didn’t post this until the 19th, Wednesday afternoon because I went to check my blog and wondered where my post was… I must have saved it as a draft or something because it definitely did not post.  Oh well!


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