Our First Brown Egg

I went out to feed and water the chickens and collect eggs this morning and I found our first brown egg!  Not sure if it is from a black chicken or a light brown chicken because they both lay brown eggs (the fat faced darker brown chickens will lay blue-green eggs) but at least one of the new chickens has begun work!

Today is still really cold and windy outside, definitely a jacket day with long sleeves for work.  I work late and there is chicken soup in the crockpot staying warm all day so Joe can either eat early or wait until I come home at 9 but neither of us will need to cook later.  All of the animals are napping now and Ocean was so cold last night she braved coming into our bedroom, because Cora was there, to come snuggle in bed with us.  Cora spent the night on the bed too and I couldn’t move my legs much.  I think I might have to buy that dog a new bed of her own made from heavy duty canvas that she won’t eat!  I’m finally caught up on my blog after a couple of weeks and now this morning I’m going to run quick (definitely inside, I’m not going outside in that!) and then I have to stop by the township office before work (I thought I was so good about mailing in our water bill really early, unfortunately I forgot to fill out the check like a huge dork so I have to go fix it!), and then buy some chicken feed… I feel like I just bought two bags but they’ve eaten it all already and will just make it through today with what we have.  These guys are going through a lot of food and I have a feeling we are feeding a few fat mice in the chicken coop as well! Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Our First Brown Egg

    • Thanks! Now if only the blue/green egg layers would start laying too we would have white, two shades of brown and blue/green and our eggs would be even more interesting!

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