Piles of Produce for the Chickens

One of the ladies I work with has been telling me about getting produce from the grocery store for awhile now but I never made it over to do it so finally she went and got some for me herself… her mom is the produce manager at the store so she found out the days when there is old produce available and stopped by to pick up a box for me (Thank you Jessica!).  I took the box home and I spread everything out so all the chickens could pick something they wanted to eat, there were peppers and apples, lettuce and celery, and squash and tomatoes among other things!  And so much that each chicken got to pick whatever it thought was the tastiest and it kept them busy for the whole day!  It worked out so well because it saves us a lot of feed for the day and the girls are kept busy scratching and pecking at all kinds of produce which is what chickens like to do – I worry that they get bored sometimes without enough to keep them busy/happy….and even better because the store finds a way to use up things they would otherwise throw away too!

So this morning (Monday, Wednesday and Friday a pig farmer comes for produce but Tuesdays and Thursdays are free) I went and picked up some more produce and this time I came home with two whole boxes for the chickens.  They had a couple nectarines and tons of spinach and cabbage, some peppers and tons of grapes, there was also some strawberries, raspberries, a cauliflower, some zucchini and two pineapple which I didn’t cut up.. I just tossed them out there so the chickens will need to peck at them to figure out that the inside is super tasty. It kept the chickens busy all afternoon and even our big, guest rooster had fun pecking at his strawberries, apple and spinache!

I’m so thankful to get all of this and the chickens just love it! It keeps them happy and occupied and they get a more varied diet than just a small scrap bucket from the house every few days (and grass when I decide to pick it for them).  I’m wishing I had gone to get produce sooner and I think I will go regularly now, as long as  they will let me at least. 🙂

It may look like they are ignoring the food in front of the camera, but really they are just gobbling down the food where they are first before moving to this pile here.  I put the food out there around 1 or so this afternoon and by 6 most of their absolute favourite things were gone and they were starting to work on their second choices 🙂  I don’t know how the pineapple fared… it may take them a couple of days to figure that out.


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