Not Our Chicken!

A few days ago a neighbor came by and told Joe “Your chicken is in my yard.”  So Joe went down and checked it out and it was definitely not our chicken.  As in no chance, not ours, someone else is missing a chicken!  Joe tried to find the owner, he visited the next closest chicken owners but it wasn’t theirs either. He tried to catch it but it was elusive so he came home.  Well! Today, a different neighbor brought the not-ours chicken to our house… making it our problem! I’m sure they also thought it was our chicken and they are really nice people so they wanted to return it/save it/get it out of their yard.  If nothing else they saw a stray chicken and decided to take it to the closest people who knew about chickens… that’s us!  I would do the same thing if I was them and found a chicken and knew there were chickens close by.

Apparently he is also mean so Joe had to quarantine him in the old rabbit cage for now. I’m pretty sure this is a rooster but not entirely yet.  He/She is gigantic. The size of a small dog.  Instead of his legs being the size of my littlest finger, like the other chickens,this one has legs as thick as two of my normal fingers put together.  It’s feet are like tree branches and it has a gigantic body.  This is a two-arms-to-hold chicken, not just a pick up by one hand sort!  It also has all of it’s feathers…and a very long, rooster-like silky tail.  In a few days, if it doesn’t lay an egg, we will call it good and male.

I’m pretty sure he is also a little bit angry at being in a cage in someones chicken coop instead of free ranging the neighborhood.  I hope that only a couple of neighbors saw him because otherwise everyone will think it’s our fault that there was a chicken in their yard and it so isn’t even our chicken!

He was standing up earlier but was settling in for the night here and didn’t want to stand up for me to get a full photo. You can see the long feathers though.  Although, most of our full adult chickens don’t have those feathers at all, so maybe this is normal on females too and she will end up being a girl.  You never know!  Whatever the gender turns out to be, I guess our not-ours chicken is now officially ours for better or worse! I’m hoping he/she will become used to our routine and living with chickens again and will learn to behave with the others…  for now he has a good cozy spot and a good sized cage on a shelf.  I will need to modify the cage floor a bit with a cutting board though so he doesn’t get sores on his feet from the wire bottom.

These are our chickens!  Our full adults do have a similar brown colour to the new one but their combs are different and they are only like a fourth the size.  We may never know where this chicken came from!


2 thoughts on “Not Our Chicken!

    • That’s what Joe says too. He also wants to eat Parsnip our Rooster. I love the rooster calls but it drives Joe crazy (and possibly the neighbors although no one has complained)… he has it out for the new chicken and then our rooster second! And I don’t want to eat them.

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