Windy Days

We’re back to normal with power this morning after an almost 8 hour stretch without power last night.  I was at work in Houghton until 9 where we did have power but Joe was here at home and they lost power sometime before 6pm so by the time I got home he had all of the lamps out and the house had a little bit of light.  Unfortunately, the chicken I put in the crockpot to cook all afternoon wasn’t entirely finished cooking and by 9pm it had been cooling in the crockpot for 3 hours already so we decided not to eat it.  In fact, it is still there this morning because we ran to Taco Bell last night and then went right to bed when we got home.  So this morning we don’t have our normal leftovers for lunch  and I won’t be putting anything new in the crockpot for supper tonight like I was planning.  I was just going to make pumpkin chili though so I can just make it in a pot when I come home later instead.

This morning it is still cold, chilly and windy out.  The weather says possible gusts around 40mph today too which is less than yesterday and I’m sure it won’t be quite as bad… although it will be a lot colder today!  A good day for long sleeves, maybe a jacket, pumpkin coffee and chili!


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