Homemade Pumpkin Puree

Last year I saw  this recipe to make homemade pumpkin puree to use in place of canned pumpkin from the store except I never ended up buying pumpkins and really doing anything.  So this year I decided I would make some of my own pumpkin to save and use later throughout the fall and winter.

I bought 4 pie pumpkins from the store and went to work.  The photos in the original recipe make it look really easy to cut pumpkin, but it isn’t easy to cut pumpkin… it’s very hard!  I asked Joe if I could use the chainsaw and he said No.  I’m surprised I didn’t loose any fingers.  Maybe I did something wrong, or need a different knife… but finally, I did manage to cut all 4 pumpkins into quarters but it was a fight the entire time.  This is why they make canned pumpkin I think because all the rest is super easy to do at home!

I saved all of the seeds to roast.  The ends of the pumpkins and the stringy insides went into the chicken bucket…those girls love pumpkin. I roasted the pumpkin pieces for about 45 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until they were fork tender.  Then I scooped the flesh off the skins right into our food processor and pureed it until it was nice and smooth.  The skins went into the chicken bucket too for the chickens to peck at but there wasn’t much left on the skins for them to really eat.

After everything is pureed, if you’re like me, you will forget that you didn’t buy sandwich bags and have to put the puree in a bowl in the fridge overnight.  If you planned ahead you can put it right into baggies and into the freezer!  I separated mine into 1 cup increments to save for baking later.   Unfortunately I only got 6 cups of pumpkin from 4 pie pumpkins… it was a lot of work and I thought I would get more… but it was still fun and we used the seeds and the guts too so everyone was used!

We got about 3 cups or so of roasted seeds too.  I salted them and sprinkle them with some chilli powder before I roasted them.  I just left the oven at 350 after the pumpkin was done and then checked on them once in awhile until they were roasted enough for us.


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