Happy Birthday to Joe!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband today!  It was pretty much a normal day because we both had to work and he didn’t want much for presents but I did get him a new triathlon shirt and we had meatballs for supper and Dairy Queen cake.

Meatballs with dipping sauces.  Some worked better than others and we still used the normal BBQ and marinara sauces the most!  There was also Wasabi Teryaki, Sweet & Sour, Spicy Jalapeno, and Buffalo BBQ sauce too.  We had it with salad and bread so that we wouldn’t just eat meatballs!

I opened the cake to leave it out for a couple minutes before I cut it.  I turned around for a minute and somehow Cora took a big lick of the cake.  She is normally pretty good, she really wants to eat food right from the counter and plates but if we tell her No she is usually really good and just sits there begging instead 🙂  But I guess ice cream cake was too much to resist and she took a swipe at it when I wasn’t looking.  I think the last time I caught her stealing from the counter was a few months ago and we were having meatballs then too and she kept swiping frozen meatballs off the tray on the counter when I wasn’t looking.  I think she had a few before I caught her.

Joe was nice and he said the dogs could have a piece of his cake too, which they loved! Cora kept going back to her empty plate to check and see if there was anything new sitting on it but there wasn’t and the cake was back in the freezer so she was out of luck after one piece 🙂


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