Pizza Pockets

Tonight I decided to try a new recipe for pizza pockets.  I thought that if it worked well then I could make a batch and freeze some so we would have easy food to eat if we needed it without having to go out to buy something.  Here is the original recipe.  In ours I used one whole onion and I skipped the green pepper and the mushrooms.  I didn’t have green pepper (and the store had two left and they were both icky looking) and Joe hates mushrooms.  I used the last of our Italian seasoning in the dough too so the topping I just used some melted butter instead of butter and seasoning.  Otherwise I followed it just like it says!

This recipe makes 18-24 pockets.  Bigger pockets are more meal sized and smaller pockets are snack sized.  I made 24 smaller pockets and was pretty careful cutting the dough.  I weighed my large dough ball and then divided that by 24 and then weighed each smaller dough ball to make sure they were all roughly the same size.

Instead of folding the dough over like a calzone I folded the dough under and sealed it.  Apparently I did this too tightly though because a number of my pockets split open.  My second tray was better and most of those stayed closed.  They still tasted good but if I was going to freeze them I would try harder not to close them too tightly because I wouldn’t want those to split open! These would work with a lot of other fillings too, ham and cheese or broccoli and chicken… anything would probably work so it sounds like something easy to make and keep in the freezer for when we don’t have any (or don’t want to eat)  leftovers for lunch, or for an easy supper when I work late!


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