Fall Rag Wreath Door Decoration

I decided to make a new decoration for our door for the fall so I searched for ‘rag wreath’ and found about a million tutorials all on how to make this sort of wreath.  All you need are strips of fabric and something round that you can tie them to (and scissors!)…

I happened to have a ton of fabric strips already cut to about 2.5 inches from a quilt I started years ago but will probably never finish now.  So I stole all of the fall coloured strips and used those.  The embroidery hoop I found with my quilt strips and decided to use that as my wreath base.  You could use foam, or a plain reed wreath… I saw some at the dollar store recently for about $1 and all the craft stores etc. will have them.  Cardboard would probably even work just fine.  The strips can be any width you want as well but too thin and you will need tons of them and too thick would be more difficult to tie.  I liked my 2-2.5 inch sized strips.

Then all you do is tie the strips to the wreath base. You can do it randomly or in a pattern, all one colour or with a dozen different fabrics like I did.  Whatever you want, everything would look nice! Tie until the whole thing is full and you can’t fit another piece.

It will come out looking pretty scraggly because the fabric strips are way too long.  I guess depending on how wide the wreath is (if you used a thicker piece of foam compared to my thin embroidery hoop) you may not need to trim the ends.  If you do need to trim the ends you can trim them to any length you want…shorter, or longer however you like it best!

I cut mine sort of in the middle of lengths….I could have cut them shorter but any longer and I don’t think it would have looked very good.  In fact, I may trim them shorter yet, but we’ll see.  I tied on a ribbon to hang it with and its now on our front door.  I didn’t add anything extra but you could hot glue or add in other decorations to it as well!


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