Stick Heaven

Buddy is a great teacher.  He has shown Cora how to beg for food and how to eat sticks when we’re outside on walks.  They used to always pick up sticks when we were in our upper field but we don’t go up there with them much now so they are forced to grab whatever sticks are available near the pole barn. Sometimes there aren’t many sticks to be found which works out well because Buddy is really slow and meticulous about eating sticks and he will  take forever and a day to finish a big one!

Now that Joe is stripping bark and knots off of the fence post trees… we have a whole heaven of sticks and pieces for the dogs to chew on!  The first few days Buddy was So excited about this but now I think he doesn’t care quite as much because these are more strips of bark and not big hard sticks although if you let him he will still chew them up too.  Cora grabs whatever is closest to her but she prefers the big sharp pieces of knot that come off the trees… she will carry them around and leave them in places where we can trip on them, or drive over them.


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