Salsa Chicken Soup

The other day I read another blog that had a recipe for chicken salsa soup.  Theirs was a little bit different and used just salsa and chicken broth… I made ours with some vegetables in it as well and thought it turned out well.

I used the entire box of broth, the whole jar of salsa, one potato, one onion and two carrots chopped up.  Plus some strips of chicken… I think this package was about 3/4lb and I cut the strips into soup sized pieces.  I boiled the chicken in the broth to cook it first and then removed it and let it cool for a little bit.  After removing the chicken I put the salsa into the broth and used our stick blender (or you could use a regular blender or food processor) to blend up the salsa so it was creamy smooth.  I guess you could leave it chunky if you’d rather.  After that I tossed in the chopped veggies and chicken and cooked it some more until the vegetables were done.  Super easy!

Served with bread on a Fall-themed platter and flowers cut from outside in a vase I decorated with wheat-printed ribbon.  So festive!  I tried to decorate the soup with cheese but it all sank and got melty and was hard to eat.  Croutons would have been a better idea, which is what the other blog served with their soup!


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