Grazing for Lunch

First news for today, that doesn’t relate to lunch, is that Joe made it into a full Iron Man triathlon next year!  He was one of the few who were accepted online on Monday when registration opened up and next September 12 (2012) he will be competing in a full length race in Madison, WI!


Now for our lunch today… it is something different than normal and I thought I’d share.  Not different as in unique, but different for us because we don’t have lunches like this very often.  Usually lunches are leftovers, sandwiches etc. but now sandwiches are banned from the house because Joe can’t stand to eat them any longer (and I don’t love a warm turkey sandwich for lunch for myself either…) so now we have to find other things to eat! Pasta, salads, stews… something different.  Usually I try to pack us snacks too and I don’t know how Joe eats his lunch… but I like my snack and then a lunch separate usually but today’s lunch counts as snacks and lunch together because we can eat it and put it away and pull it back out later again for more.

There is cheddar and mozzarella cheese with pepperoni in the smaller parts of the containers and then there is broccoli, carrot, radish and dried cranberries in the bigger part of our containers.  Served with a little bit of ranch dip, pita crackers and regular crackers.   This might not be one of Joe’s favourite lunches, but at least it isn’t a sandwich!



One thought on “Grazing for Lunch

  1. Congratulations Joe on your further determination to do a full triathalon- yikes! And the lunch looks great. Better carb up-

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