2lb of Tomatoes

We get a lot of tomatoes in our CSA share except that I don’t love raw tomatoes, so it is hard to find ways to use them… especially the smaller ones.  We’ve used some as pieces of shish kabobs and use a couple here and there in things, but we still had over two pounds of them to use up because I didn’t want to waste all the nice food so I decided to make pasta sauce.  It didn’t turn out super amazing but it turned out good, if a little too sweet, and we got to eat all of the tomatoes which was great!

2lb, 3 and 3/8 ounces of cherry tomatoes.

Combined with CSA onion and garlic

And some CSA squash and kale too!

I can’t remember at this point what spices were used but I do know that I used a little salt and a tiny bit of sugar, but the tomatoes were sweet, and some Italian spices along with a can of tomato paste to make the sauce more red, and a bit thicker, since the cherry tomatoes were so orange.  I cooked the tomatoes by themselves first and used our food mill to process them and get rid of the seeds and any weird bits before I added everything else.

Served with meatballs and garlic bread of course!



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