Catching up in the Chicken Coop

First, Happy Anniversary to my parent’s today! It is their 40th year together!  So in our family it is a good day, although I know that many families, most people in the country really, are sad today (or at least remembering today) because it marks an anniversary of September 11, 2001 when so many people died.  I’m not watching the news on it because I don’t want to see the footage again, I remember the footage from the first time.. and from all the clips and reminders that you see over the years too.  So, while I feel terrible for all those people who have to remember everything today, I’d much rather think of good things, like a successful 40 year marriage!


Yesterday I spent some time outside in the chicken coop working on chores that I’ve been putting off for awhile! The big girls really needed to be cleaned up a month or two ago and now that I put it off I had to clean the entire thing since the younger chickens are out there making messes now too.  It took me almost 2 hours… with 30 cubic feet of pine shavings (5 large bags), 8 gallons of water and 300lb of feed (feed, scratch, oyster shell and grit).  But finally, all the old bedding it out, fresh bedding is laid down, all of the water containers are full and my feed bins are full, clean and organized now.  I’m trying something different with the feed bins.  I had a trash can, feed bin, and scratch bin and had been leaving bags of oyster shell and grit leaned against the wall.  But I never use the trash bin out there and the chickens were leaving their mark on the paper bags of shell and grit so now I’ve turned the trash bin into a feed bin (which can hold 150lb of food which should be enough for around 2 weeks or so right now), the old feed bin holds scratch, and the old scratch bin now holds the bags of shell and grit…so everything is put away.

I pre-mixed my feed with oyster shell and grit too instead of free feeding everything separately, it is a lot easier to put it all together.  I may need to adjust the ratios,  I was pretty frugal on the shell and grit this time because I didn’t want to overwhelm the feed with it… I can always add more if I need to.

The old bedding gets spread outside so the girls can find and finish up any leftover food and scratch.  New bedding goes inside and makes the whole place smell so good with that fresh pine scent.  I like buying new bedding because even the car smells like pine for awhile then.  If only the old bedding would scoop itself out and the new stuff would lay itself down on it’s own everything would be perfect!

I also swiped down a bunch of spider webs but I didn’t manage to wash windows or dust yet which I need to do still but it was getting late and Joe was cooking supper so I wanted to be finished for the day!  There are also these awful vines growing up and into the coop that have to come down but they are so creepy we’re going to wait until they die for the winter before we rip them down.  Ick.

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