Parsnip the Maybe-Rooster

I’m pretty sure our runt, the white chicken that doesn’t look like anyone else and is now gigantic, is a rooster.  It crows repeatedly with the dawn every morning, very, very loudly and also sometimes randomly when it gets closer to dusk as well.  I’m surprised the neighbors haven’t complained it is such a loud crow!  Although technically it could just be a strange looking (maybe they gave us a different breed by accident) hen that is a bit confused, or just really likes time of day changes and wants to crow with dawn and dusk as if she was a rooster.  So temporarily we named him/her Parsnip and we’ll see what comes out…if its a rooster then we don’t know what we will do with him!  I say we’d make him a little house of his own but next to the girls so he could still see other chickens (and then in the spring we could hatch our own eggs)… Joe says lunch.  We’ll see!

Here he/she is flapping away on top of the feeder.  I don’t know why they like to eat from the top of the feeder, instead of the bottom ring where they are supposed to eat, but they do, there is almost always at least one chicken who is eating from the wrong side!


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