A relaxed painting weekend

Today Joe and I managed to go outside and do some more painting of windows… I think about half of our windows are finished now.  Joe worked on the more difficult upstairs windows, and some of the windows on our side porch while I worked on the porch door frame and windows and the sauna window from the ground level.  I’m pretty sure I could have been happy watching a Star Trek marathon on T.V. all day but Joe was good and I did go out to help him paint for awhile since he has done all of it up until now!

My door frame that I painted looks nice from here… but a lot of my tape leaked so there is quite a bit of fixing to do once we get the white paint out.  Joe’s windows are everything but this door frame (he did all the rest that you can see, I only did one tiny one on the back of the house too)…and he is more meticulous about painting (I hate taping!) so his have less spots to fix 🙂


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