Tiny Breadbowls and Failed Ice Cream Cones

Today’s kitchen experiences were only so, so. 🙂  I thawed some ground beef for supper and then had to figure out what to do with it…so I decided to chop up random veggies and make some gravy and then instead of making biscuits or french bread I decided to turn my Italian Pillsbury bread into bread bowls.

I cut it into three pieces and rolled them into balls like the one on the far left.

I thought they would puff up more than they did. They turned out cute, but very small.

They worked fine but I had to put a bit of extra filling on the side because they didn’t hold much at all! So yes, it doesn’t look very pretty  at all, but at least it tasted good!  Wait until I show you the horror of what I tried to make us for dessert and you will pick overflowing, tiny bread bowls any day!

This was dessert. I thought it would be fun to make homemade ice cream cones and I had read a blog post from somewhere else recently and that family used frozen bananas blended with milk and chocolate syrup to make homemade soft serve ‘ice cream’. I had frozen bananas a couple of weeks ago so I was ready to go.  Well, the blender doesn’t blend frozen bananas and milk easy so it took forever.  Then I tried to use the sugar-free syrup I bought, and I added extra sugar…. by the time it got to Joe it was soup and disgusting tasting.  I threw the sugar-free syrup away entirely…it is just totally inedible.  If I couldn’t have sugar, I would rather not have chocolate syrup at all ever, than to eat that stuff! Ick.  The cones, as you can see, didn’t work either.  It sounded easy, the batter was easy to make, kind of like a batter between crepes and pancakes… but mine were too hard to flip and mold, so they turned out like little sugary pancakes instead.  So there you have it, gross sugar-free chocolate banana soup and sugar pancakes for dessert!  We ended up having some popcorn instead! 🙂 If you don’t believe me yet on the ‘ice cream’…we tried to offer it to the dogs because they usually love frozen treats and they wouldn’t even touch it either!


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