Painting and Sardines for Supper

Today when I got home from work (by 5:30) Joe was already home, and had been working on scraping and painting our house trim for some time already!

We have to get the house painted this year and we’ve also decided to get a fence up around our lower pasture field so that over the winter we can clear out the barn and build a couple stalls etc. and think about some horses when we find some.  Right now if we found two we liked we wouldn’t be able to take them because we have no spot ready for them, but if we have a place for them to land then we’ll be ready to take them when we find them since we’re hoping to get two baby girl horses and they don’t just happen every day in the breeds that we want!  We actually just saw some that would have been great but we didn’t have a place for them (or hay for winter etc. or transport) so it just wouldn’t work out right now.   The fence we want to build will be pretty simple with wooden posts and wire cross pieces with at least the very top row of wire being electric.  But first, we have to finish the house!

I told Joe that our house will look so nice that I’ll actually need to weed the front garden more regularly so that everything stays looking nice (more than once which is the total now for this year!).

While Joe was outside, I was inside cooking us some supper. We had sardines, cheese and tomato on oven toasted french bread and ham/brussel sprout/onion lemon pesto pasta on the side.

For the bread I bought a loaf of fresh french bread, some white Mexican cheese (mozzarella would be good too), and two tins (which I forgot to recycle now that I’m thinking of it!) of sardines in tomato sauce.  I buttered the bread on both sides, put it on a baking sheet and baked it for 10-15 minutes until the bottom side was turning golden. I think the oven was pretty close to 350 – a pretty normal baking temperature.  While that was baking I pureed the sardines in our food processor to make a paste.  After the bottom side of the bread was toasted I took out the pan, flipped them over so the toasted side was facing up and topped them with sardine paste, cheese and cherry tomatoes.  Then, they went back into the oven to toast the second side and to melt the cheese and cook the tomatoes for a bit.

I’m not sure but I don’t think Joe and I have ever had brussel sprouts together.  I like them but I never think to buy them… I had been thinking of them the past couple of days and today when I was wandering around produce, looking for some kind of vegetable we don’t normally eat, I saw them and decided I just had to have them and cook them somehow for supper.

The pasta was made with homemade pesto because we had a lot of basil from our CSA share (the tomatoes also came from the share) but store bought would be just as good.  I just used lemon juice, garlic, basil, salt and pepper in ours.  I made the pesto in the food processor as well and then set it off to the side until the pasta was cooked.  For the veggies in the pasta I chopped up half a red onion, a handful of brussel sprouts (cut in half) and then added a tiny bit of chopped ham because we randomly had some and then sauteed them in a bit of olive oil. Bacon would be tastier but we didn’t have any so ham it was!  Once the veggies/ham were sauteed and the pasta noodles were cooked I mixed them together with the pesto and called it good.

The orange tomatoes on the white cheese make it look like eggs but it isn’t!  I wasn’t sure how it would all turn out but it ended up pretty reasonable and tasty… like something I wouldn’t mind eating again. Although I did end up picking off my tomatoes and eating it in my pasta instead of on the toast but it worked out good that way too,


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