Our Trip to Buy a Ladder

Tonight Joe and I had a date to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a 24 foot ladder.  So after we got home and changed, and fed the animals, we headed back out to the store.  I didn’t take any pictures beforehand but once we got the ladder I decided to take a bunch of pictures (I was bored because Joe was tying the ladder onto the top of the car but didn’t need my help! And then I took pictures all the way home)

A nice ladder on the top of the car.

A nice view of Hancock over the Portage.

A pink Explorer passing us even though we weren’t going slowly.  By the way, I don’t think I would ever buy or paint my car pink.  Thankfully for them it looks red in the picture which is a bit more normal.

Driving over the lift bridge.  I ran across the lift bridge last Saturday on my run.  It wasn’t all that fun.  The run in general was fun, but the running across the shaking lift bridge wasn’t.  I felt like I was going to fall off and that would be even less fun but I made it both ways! It works out well because if I run to the park called Chutes and Ladders there is a bathroom and a water fountain if I need them so I don’t have to worry about water.  Not that I will run there regularly though because it’s quite a ways away but occasionally I might, if I decide to try the bridge again.  I don’t understand all those people who do ‘bridge walks’… there is one here this coming Monday and one at the bridge in Mackinaw too…not for me!

Blurry, but can you see our new curbs?  Or at least, there will be curbs in Dollar Bay along the main Highway 26… these aren’t curbs on our road or anything, we still have ditches. This project has been ongoing…and going…and going…all summer with numerous days of water shutoffs, traffic pileups, waiting etc.  I know they don’t mean to go slow and they seem to be making good progress… but man I can’t wait for it to be done!  One day I got stuck in traffic for almost 20 minutes on my way home from work just waiting for them to let traffic through.  That was rough.  It is even worse for the people whose driveways meet this road because they haven’t even been able to park at their own homes for some of the time!  Oh well, pretty soon it will be winter!

After we got home Joe headed out on a run while I slowly cleaned up around here, took care of chickens and preheated the oven for our less-than-healthy egg roll, taquito and salad supper (all frozen or packaged… I tried to stop at the fish market on the way home for fresh fish but they were closed by the time I got there so fresh fish healthy supper turned into quick and easy oven supper…oh well! It was good anyways :-)) I sat down at the computer at one point and as I was about to get up I noticed all three of these animals sitting ridiculously close to me and each other.  Cora was touching my leg she was so close.  Chloe thinks she is a dog and I think Buddy pretends he is an only-animal and no one else exists!  Miss Cora was pretty happy to have friends though!

Now at 9:37pm Joe is taking the dogs out for their last walk of the evening, I’m about to load the dishwasher, get some water, get Cora her last antibiotic for the day and then we will all head up to bed.  Unfortunately I just took our sheets off to wash them and they are still wet in the washer…we have additional sheets but they are stuck in a cupboard behind where our box spring is leaning against the wall…so we’ll either sleep without sheets or we’ll have to go dig for them!


2 thoughts on “Our Trip to Buy a Ladder

    • Now we have two! There was maybe 3-4 of them with the house when we moved but they were all bent and banged up so we couldn’t really use them. We bought a shorter one earlier this summer when a local hardware store went out of business and now we got this 24 foot ladder. Eventually we might need a 30 foot or something more substantial because some of our buildings are super tall but this one should at least get our house painted for us and it is plenty tall for working on the roofs of the chicken coop and the spot where we would put horses so the buildings we use now are covered at least.

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