Cora and Her Very Own Pharmacy

Joe took Cora to the vet this morning for some routine shots, but because of her intense itching they decided to wait on the shots and get her itching and immune system under control first.  Joe says Cora behaved reasonably well although she did give the technicians and the doctor a little bit of trouble and they ended up having Joe muzzle her just to be safe because they had to hold her down and get some skin samples and she wanted nothing to do with that! With her poor itchy skin, it probably hurts now too since she has been scratching it…so I can imagine why she wouldn’t want them touching her!

Anyways, they got it all done although they still aren’t sure what caused her to start scratching.  She doesn’t have any mites that they can find although we do have her on mite medicine now just incase.  She is also on a medication for itching, an antibiotic and a probiotic to help get her insides back to normal too just incase (especially with the antibiotic that will kill her good bacteria too ).  Hopefully with 3 doses of medicine daily for the next 10-12 days she will get back to normal… otherwise she’ll get to try some cortisone and see if that helps!  Once we get this under control she’ll get to go back for her actual shots too.  Poor dog! But, it sounds like her new vet was helpful and willing to work with her… and they didn’t kick her out so I think we’re really glad we switched over.

Joe has gone off to work now and I’m about to go dose Cora up with her first set of medicines and then get ready to go to work myself!


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