Houghton County Fair 2011

Today Joe and I got up earlyish and headed off to the fair around 9am to watch most of the horse show.  Mostly we wanted to see the draft horses but the other horses were nice and did a great job too.

These horses are Percherons and their names are Jordan and Prince…they are both male.  They come to the fair every year and they do a great job, but they are also the only drafts to come so they win each event they are entered in.  These two competed separately as individuals (so they took first and second), one of them competed with a one-horse cart, they competed together as a team in ground work, and as a team with the wagon.  They are fun to watch and so much larger than the normal horses!  Maybe we’ll have our own drafts at some point and then there can be more of them in the fair although ours would be in different age groups so they’d still mainly be competing against themselves but in wagon/cart classes the teams could compete against each other.

We also enjoyed looking at cows, calves, pigs, sheep, lambs, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits, all kinds of canned/baked goods, vegetables from local gardens, preserved foods, crafts like knitting, quilting, basket weaving, card making and photography, and 4H booths.  We just missed the lumberjack show with lumberjacks on rolling logs and chainsaw events and there were tons of games to play and rides to ride but we didn’t do any of those either.  We had our traditional Greek food for lunch with sausage, roast chicken, roast lamb, shrimp, fake crab, skewer pork, Greek salad, rice, and vegetables.  On our way out the off-road derby was about to begin and we picked up some deep- fried cheese curds for the walk back to the car.  All in all we went about 5 hours at the fair and had a great time 🙂

This afternoon we came home and took a short nap.  Now I’m working on laundry and tidying etc. while Joe is out cutting the grass.  It is almost time to go feed all of the animals and then once Joe comes in we’ll work on cooking ourselves steak, baked potatoes and probably some other kind of vegetable for supper ourselves…although after all that Greek food we probably don’t even need supper today!  Tomorrow is Cora’s first visit to her new vet and Joe is taking her because I would be too stressed out about taking her to the vet which would just make her more nervous and difficult…. so Joe is her vet person tomorrow which makes us all happier and we’ll get her updated on shots and she will also get some kind of medication for her scratching!


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