Remembering to Recycle

A few weeks ago I figured out what we can recycle here and made a recycling bin.  And then I promptly forgot all about it and continued to throw away tin cans, plastic bottles and cardboard because I am so used to not being able to really recycle.  We aren’t allowed to recycle glass right now and I use all of our junk mail and cardboard food boxes for rabbit bedding and we do return out carbonated beverage containers for deposit so we don’t need to worry about that. So the past few days I’ve been trying to remember to recycle whenever I can…especially things like tin cans that our pet foods come in, and cardboard from empty soda boxes or bigger things that we might buy that I don’t use for the rabbits.

We usually go to the dump/transfer station run by the county instead of the one run by Waste Management but the one by Waste Management is the place where the recycling goes.  I’ve never been there and don’t know how it works so I hope it is easy enough and I don’t have to pay, or pay alot at least, to give them my recycling.



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