Socializing the Chickens

We’ve been slowly introducing the chickens by letting the babies out in the evenings with the adults in the outside fenced area.  Then one night I decided I didn’t want to go sort and separate chickens so I didn’t, and I let them sleep wherever they wanted and in the morning they mingled and mixed… and were totally fine! We have had a little bit of picking going on with the younger chickens too and we should really figure out a way to solve that before it gets much worse… but there hasn’t been any major aggression and everyone has been enjoying time outside in the sun!

Many of the babies still like to hang out inside but they have the option to go outside whenever they want now.  Can you see our runt chicken? The big, fat fluffy white one in the right, upper portion of the picture.

A better photo of our runt.  She is one of the most developed and largest chickens now.  Such a pretty girl! Although they are all pretty… each one is different, even the big girls, and they are super funny if you hang out with them for a little bit.  Such goofy animals with fun personalities!

A few of the babies have decided that they now live in the other room and they love to stay with the big chickens.  Everytime I go in there a handful of the younger ones are just hanging out and playing in the big chickens’ room 🙂  I bet the adults love having 48 goofy babies running around them now!


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