More Kuparisaari half-Ironman photos (plus a couple others)

Joe’s mom took a lot better photos of the triathlon Sunday so she sent them to us and I wanted to post them for everyone to see!  They also posted the professional photos from the race photographers which you could see here if you wanted.  Joe is in quite a few of those as well.

Joe and I waiting at the beach before the race began.  It was still pretty chilly out, this was only at around 7am and the sun was starting to come up over the big hill behind us.

Joe coming up to the shore at the end of the 1.2 mile swim

Running out of the water and taking his wet suit off

Heading out on the, 56-mile, bike course or possibly coming in from the bike course, not totally sure.

Leaving for the 13.1 mile run

Coming in to the finish line

Crossing the finish!

Our half-Ironman all done!

And I got a nice kiss at the finish line 🙂

And, here are a few other good pictures she got afterwards too…

A nice picture of Joe, not sure where this was, our front yard maybe?

A good picture of Cora! She was super rude at first and was barking and growling and being mean so she spent some time in her kennel upstairs but then we decided to try and introduce her and she was very nice and pretty well-behaved for everyone after that and she got some pets from everyone.

Joe’s brother, Sam, at the Quincy Mine with his hardhat on, lifting some of the mine tools to see how heavy they were.  Some were pretty light while others were so heavy that even I couldn’t lift them!


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