Cooking (and other) Catch Up

I had yesterday off and really should have done a bunch of stuff like washing dogs, trimming nails, cleaning the chicken coop etc. But I didn’t… I did do laundry and run the dish washer which I started using again and I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart/Post Office/Dump and then I came home…read a nutrition book, watched a Harry Potter movie, took a nap and did a bunch of random cooking.

This was my main reason for going to Wal-Mart.  Two nights ago Cora ate my glasses.  This is our most expensive dog toy yet.  Besides eating a ton of shoes, one lamp cord, a gun cleaning kit, some clothes, a dog harness, at least two leashes, a couple of dog beds, a variety of sheets and towels, a pillow and some other miscellaneous things like plastic bottles and kleenex/trash that she finds….she has now eaten my glasses.  Can’t wait until she outgrows being a puppy and so thankful she isn’t a lab who could be a puppy for even longer! These glasses were a few years old and they didn’t quite feel right when I wore them so I was unable to wear them to work or out and about very long but they were still nice enough to wear here at home in the mornings and evenings when I don’t always wear my contacts.   So today I went and picked some new glasses out (thankfully with Joe’s insurance we get vision coverage and I ended up paying only $95 instead of over $200 for new glasses).  The glasses I got are made from recycled materials by a company called Eco.  They also plant one new tree for each pair of frames sold so I’m pretty happy with them.  It will be a few days yet before I get them, but they are on their way and I can’t wait! Living with only contacts is a pain!

One of the first cooking related things I did was freeze a pan full of bananas.  I hear they are tasty frozen in smoothies and they come out almost like ice cream if you add a little bit of milk.  I bought sugar-free Hershey’s syrup to go with them and the stuff is disgusting…so gross I almost spit it out.  Super bummed but I did only try it plain and maybe mixed in with the bananas and some milk it will taste better.  Lesson learned though, buy real chocolate syrup and not sugar free because some things are just meant to be sugary… yuck!

Next I cooked up some bacon and made some stuffed jalapenos.  I wasn’t planning on making these but I saw them on someone’s blog in the morning while I was wandering and they looked so good I had to make them. So while I was at Wal-Mart I picked stuff up and made them!

Then I roasted root vegetables.  We got really pretty beets in our CSA share and then we had some carrots and some cool multi-coloured fingerling potatoes on hand that I bought on impulse about a week ago because they looked neat.  So I cut up some of each and roasted them with olive oil, salt and pepper, and leftover bacon/chives from the jalapenos.  Some of the orange is carrot and some is beet, the bright pink is beet and the dark purple is a potato along with pink and tan skinned potatoes too and some of the beets were browner and white inside like a potato too.  Such a neat combination of colours coming from things growing in the ground!

Joe had to go out with more clients so I had some of this for supper and then put the rest as our lunches for today.  I had it with a hot dog which worked well because I don’t love beets yet and eating a piece of hot dog and a piece of beet made it a lot tastier! They aren’t bad like I thought they’d be but they do have an earthy taste to them so it worked well to mix them with other root vegetables and nitrate free hotdogs.

Joe’s lunch for today.  Kind of a strange lunch but full of veggies anyways!  I learned that jalapenos are full of vitamin C and that they also have a bit of iron, vitamin A and calcium in them…. along with niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, riboflavin, fiber, Vitamin K, and some of the B vitamins as well.  Beets contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, fiber, folate and potassium.  Carrots contain more of the same except with a huge amount of Vitamin A and Potatoes contain a great amount of potassium and they also have Vitamin C and fiber too.  So even though our lunch is a bit strange… we’re getting a lot of good nutrients!  Most of which I didn’t even know these vegetables had… most people know about carrots and Vitamin A and I knew that potatoes contained potassium..but I didn’t know these vegetables all had so many more things to offer, even the chives contain good things for us!


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