Quincy Mine Tour

Joe’s family had to head back to the Twin Cities earlier than we originally thought due to an unexpected funeral but we did get to spend some more time with them before they left by going on a Quincy Mine Tour. This was extra nice for Joe because he didn’t get to spend as much time with his family on Sunday because he was the one doing the triathlon that we were all watching.  We were sorry to see them go early but it was fun to have them come up to visit for a couple of days at least!

Joe looking up at the shaft house.  This is the building that covers the top of the actual mine shaft opening.

These are cars parked on the tracks that go down into the mine.  The one on the left is a big water bucket they used to bail out the mine and the one on the right is a man car…30 men would sit on those benches and get lowered down into/brought up from the mine.  The mine shaft is still there and open but it is locked and most of it is covered in a concrete cap.  It’s still creepy to see though! This particular shaft was almost 10,000 feet long and that is a very long way to fall.  Most of it is full of water now too so it wouldn’t be a very good experience.



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