My Husband the Half-Ironman Competitor

Today was the big triathlon day that Joe has been training for for over 8 months and the whole day went fantastically!  For everyone who is unfamiliar with a half-Iron man here is what Joe had to complete:

  • 1.2 mile swim
  • 56 mile bike course
  • 13.1 mile run (this particular one was both road and trail running)

We were both up at 4 this morning and we left the house around 5 to head up to the race.  We got there and it was still dark out but other people were already getting ready too.  By 7 we were ready and at the beach and Joe’s mom, dad and brother all met up with us to see the race begin!

Sunrise over the lake

Safety kayakers getting ready

Our number 13 being counted off before the start

Everyone rushing into the water!

Coming out of the water, on his way to the biking portion…

Leaving on his bike after the swim…

Here he is on his way out on the run… I hear it’s a weird feeling getting off your bike and starting to run like that, Joe has mentioned it and a lot of the other runners were talking about it as they went past.

Waiting at the top of the hill for him to come around the corner.  This is the last hill and then the finish is just a couple of blocks away on a much flatter surface.

Almost at the top of the hill with his brother and dad right with him.

Here he is, tired but great! He didn’t have any problems or injuries other than a little sunburn and a couple burns from his wet suit.  Overall he did absolutely fantastic and our families and I are all so, so proud of him!

Now it is about 9:30pm, we went out to a tasty supper with Joe’s family and caught up with our animals here at home.  Joe has gone to bed already and I’m about to head upstairs as well since we had such an early morning today!  I think Joe’s mom got a ton of good pictures too that maybe I could post for you and there might be some professional ones eventually too… I’m not sure how many they got but I’ll try to add more if I get them!  For now though I’m off to bed after a long and exciting day.


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