Happy Anniversary to Us!

Our actual anniversary isn’t until tomorrow but tomorrow is Joe’s big triathlon day and we will have company and I’ll be posting about that so I thought I would post all about our anniversary today instead.  As of tomorrow it will be one whole, great, amazing year 🙂

Here we are in February 2006, in the first or one of the first photographs of us together.  We look so young and I had really short hair and Joe had almost no beard.

Now in the past year we…

  • Got married
  • Got Chloe, Finches and more Chickens
  • Spent our first Christmas together visiting both of our families
  • Learned to eat a lot better
  • Joe started training for triathlons
  • I started running because Joe started running and I wanted to be healthier too
  • Lost 70lbs between the two of us
  • Joe completed his first small triathlon and will have his first big one tomorrow
  • We both ran our first running-only races
  • We joined a sportsman’s club
  • Bought one rifle and started purchasing parts to build another
  • We did not plant a garden this year or spend much time improving outside but
  • We did start painting the house and
  • Got a new screen door!
  • And cleaned up some trash and trees near the polebarn
  • Which also allowed us to get a new chainsaw that even I can use 🙂
  • We got rid of a ton of scrap metal and our dump  truck(Sorry dump truck!)
  • We went through a corn maze together
  • And had no trick-or-treaters together 😦
  • I broke the kitchen sink once, and the car at least twice
  • Joe fixed the kitchen sink once, and the car at least twice
  • We donated food to local pantries
  • And listened to old records on our two old record players
  • Joe helped me fix my bike to ride again and of course got his own new bike for triathlons
  • We even went on a bike ride together which I don’t think we’ve ever done before
  • We learned that we don’t really like sweet potatoes
  • We went to Bridgefest together and a couple of different parades
  • Found some interesting things in the barns
  • Got a CSA share to have local veggies for the summer
  • And learned about raw-milk and ended up purchasing a share in that as well
  • Went exploring together, although not as much as in the past, and for a number of walks with the dogs together
  • Went to the county fair together (and we’re looking forward to the next one here in a couple weeks!)
  • Got our first new car together (yes the one I broke at least twice!)
  • … and our list could go on and on!

Here’s to a good 80 more years together!  Which will make me about 107 and Joe about 105 🙂  Stay tuned tomorrow for updates on Joe’s triathlon, I may or may not try to do some posts from my phone while we’re out there if my service works…otherwise I will do one large post in the evening to tell everyone how it went!


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