Cooking in a Zoo

Yesterday when I was cooking supper and trying to pack it up half the animals decided they just had to help me out.  I did want Cora to just sit down and stop bugging the cats but she ended up sitting next to Buddy and together  they sat exactly where I wanted to be.

As if they didn’t both need to sit right in front of the stove and the counter spot that I was using…   I made them both move! Did you see how big Cora is getting? It is a little misleading because she isn’t quit as big as Buddy…he weighs over 100lb and I bet she only weighs like 70lb because I can lift her but just barely…so maybe she isn’t even that.  I do know that she weighs more than a bag of chicken food which is 50lb for sure! We’ll find out exactly how much soon when she goes to the vet later this month.

Later while I was cooking bread pudding – as soon as I ripped up bread and put it into the pan Pinga would sample it or pick it out and put it on the counter.  I didn’t get a picture because she moved when I went to get my camera but she was trying her best to help too! We’re used to them being all over the kitchen, begging, or sniffing, or ‘helping’ but I promise if you’re reading this and you’re ever a guest at our house…we won’t feed you food that the cat has sampled I swear!  Kitchen manners are different when other people are here and animals do not get to help.

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