More Construction

I forgot yesterday, when I was complaining about road construction, that we have a sign in our mudroom that talks about what I’m talking about!  I know I have posted it on my blog before but I can’t remember when and I didn’t go look for it…

We’re (hopefully) coming towards the end of Road Construction and getting closer to Almost-Winter 🙂  I don’t love snow all the time either but I can’t decide which one I would rather have longer… probably snow because it only bothers me once in awhile when I don’t want to brush it off the car or shovel.

Our road was actually closed for a day too.  I didn’t know it until I tried to go down it and there was signs all over and I had to go up the hill and go around.  I feel bad for the people on the detour because it is a dirt/gravel road that doesn’t see all that much traffic and now they have tons of people diverted through there.  This sign was at the top of of the road and I just kept driving past it.  Obviously they mean road closed, unless you live on it and are going to go to your house.


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