Calling it a Day.

It is 9:03 this evening and I’m almost done with this big headache of a day!  I just got everyone fed and watered.  I did a couple chores ahead of time for tomorrow morning, some laundry is started, I changed out of work clothes and now I am waiting for some chicken to finish cooking so I can make us lunches for tomorrow and I need to give some extra love to all of the animals for being home by themselves so long today… and then I am calling it a day for sure! Probably with popcorn and my book in bed for a bit 🙂

This morning wasn’t too bad… Joe headed off to work like normal, I took Pinga to the vet and then left early for work myself so that I could take our cans back on the way.  Of course as I’m taking all the cans into Wal-Mart it starts pouring and then there are no can spots open to use, there are people waiting in line, and half of them are full and beeping. Perfect (Usually I do find it empty and open though so I’ve been spoiled and I guess I got what I got today!).  So I lugged them back outside, still in the rain, and then actually made it to work extra early (which was a positive bonus).  At lunchtime I tried to take them again and all of the can spots were still busy or full…how annoying!  Work was super, super busy and we were short handed so we had long wait times and long lines and our screens were all red/yellow (that isn’t good that means there is a lot of stuff to do). Plus, I don’t normally complain about work here… but I’m pretty sure half the people I tried to help were from another planet entirely today.  Thank goodness for our regular/normal/nice/patient customers.  They make life a lot better and I wish I could give them a nice person discount.  I even stayed at work a bit extra tonight to try to help the last lady finish up some stuff, but I still ended up leaving her with so much to do by herself! Luckily it is stuff we can do tomorrow but it still makes extra work for tomorrow and eventually we need to catch up.

Joe left for work himself at around 7 this morning and he is still not home.  I do know that after 12 hours of working he headed out briefly to the bar with his clients but their testing broke something important today and even though it isn’t technically his design it still falls upon him to fix it…so there is a chance that he will be heading back to work very shortly to try to finish that up tonight.  At the very least, even if he doesn’t go back to work, he still had a 12 hour day himself and a multitude of his own headaches!

After work I headed right home but to top it off they are doing a ridiculous amount of road construction and my normal 10-15 minute drive took 40 minutes.  I only live 5 miles from home.  Talk about crabby.  I don’t know a thing about road construction and I am sure there is a good reason for doing the entire road at one time (like multiple miles worth is all torn up…which they can’t possibly work on all at one time!) but this evening…when I was stuck for 40 minutes and traffic was backed up for at least a mile in both directions from the bridge…I just wasn’t feeling it and I’m pretty sure there has got to be a better way to do road construction.  Like, a two block section at a time maybe? Or even a bigger section if they can keep people working on it steadily to finish it.  Just saying. It was a long wait.  For anyone familiar with the local area, cars were backed up through downtown Houghton and towards Hardees (but further) and they were one-by-one merging onto the bridge in one lane.  Cars were also backed up all through Hancock because I could see some of the roads while I was waiting near Hardees but I don’t know the full extent over there.  It wasn’t pretty.  I don’t even know how they could have gotten emergency vehicles through that disaster…thankfully they didn’t need to but if they did it would be difficult.

Getting home late, after leaving for work early, and having Joe not be home tonight…meant that poor Miss Cora just couldn’t wait so she had an accident.  So not only did I greet lots of hungry, needy animals…I had to clean up a mess tonight too.  Thankfully it wasn’t too bad! 🙂 She really didn’t mean to and she is a pro now and knows to hold it…but 8 hours is about her limit.  Usually our schedules work out so that maybe only one day a week she has to wait 8-9 hours.  Most days she is only alone for 5-6 hours at a time, if that, so for having an extra long day on her own she did well at least!

Now my first load of laundry is finished, my chicken is finished (and my complaining is finished!) and I have to go make lunches, love on the cats, play with the dogs and take myself to bed!  The muscles in my neck and head might just explode if I don’t.  Hopefully tomorrow brings empty can rooms, more help at work, finished projects, and dogs who can wait just a few more minutes!

Courtesy of my phone while I was stuck waiting on the bridge.  Bit lame I know but I it’s all I’ve got today! I tried to be sneaky so the car in front of me (if they were looking) didn’t think I was creepily taking their photo.



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