Almost-Finished Sunroom

I finished painting our sunroom last week and I have been meaning to sew curtains so I’ve been putting off posting pictures in hopes that I would have a finished room, but I have no idea when I will actually sew the curtains so I give up and will call it mostly done and good enough for now!

All of the craft tubs are gone from the room and the only things left are the futon/table, two of our looms, our spinning wheel and our yarn shelves.  So it looks a lot better and less cluttered than it did before with a whole bunch of random boxes and tupperware tubs in there.  It is sort of a relaxing nap room when the weather is cool and we could use it as a weaving room if we wanted to as well but otherwise it is just a nice place to store our looms where they are out of the way and won’t get damaged.

Along the wall just inside the door.  The loom on our left is a tapestry loom and on the right is a table loom with it’s new stand.  The stand that Joe made for it originally has become a stand for the faceting machine instead 🙂

Next to the looms is our spinning wheel and our bins full of yarn.  On top there are some project buckets (they used to be make-shift chicken nest boxes) and some warping yarn and a ball of wool to be spun.

On the other side of the room there is the futon with blankets and pillows for whoever needs to take a nap! Buddy especially loves to nap in here and Chloe will occasionally sleep here too.  On cooler days I love naps here too but on hot, sunny days it is too warm.

A view from the window in our stairwell.  I love this window because it lets the light into the stairwell, office and hallway through the outside windows in the sunroom.


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